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What can be causing your pain?

Pain can be caused by many different things. It is actually a signal from the body that something is wrong. Like an alarm system. So when you take an anti inflammatory all you are doing is turning the alarm sound off. The main issue is still there but now the body cannot tell you anymore. The body has many different levels to it. You have the physical body, the mental (nervous system) body, the emotional body, the energetic (meridian) body. And every second of every day your body is trying to keep a balance between them all. If it can't do this - ALARM!

So let's look at a common alarm that many may not know is linked to a very important little part of the body. It's the Gallbladder Meridian.

The gallbladder meridian can be seen almost as the body’s janitor. This is not an insult as the ancient Chinese called it the “Honorable Minister.” The gallbladder secretes bile (liquid gold) to aid in digestion for muscular energy and works with the lymphatic system to clear out lactic acid. It follows that the gallbladder meridian is in part responsible for muscular health.

The gallbladder meridian is responsible for daring and decisive mental states. The saying “a lot of gall,” reflects this belief even in ancient Western cultures.

Below look at that red line. That red line is the meridian that the Gallbladder runs on. When the Gallbladder is in trouble you may get issues all along the red line.

The gallbladder meridian begins on the outer corner of the eye. It zig-zags up and down above the ear and over the eye before running down the back of the skull. It descends down the side of the body, continuing down the outside of the leg, and ends on the outer edge of the 4th toe.

It's worse in Spring

It's worse in Windy conditions

The sense Organ it controls is the Eyes

The Tissues it affects is Tendons

Flavor: Sour - it can give you a bitter sour taste in the mouth

Time it tends to be worse or wake you up is : 11 p.m. -1 a.m.

The emotions affecting the gallbladder meridian are:

Rage, fury, loss of power, wrath

Emotions making the gallbladder meridian function better are:

tolerance, kindness

An imbalance in the gallbladder meridian generates more mental afflictions than physical. Such an imbalance to lead to insomnia and stiffness of the muscles. It can also cause poor judgment, timidity, and indecision.

So back to pain. The Gallbladder meridian controls 2 main muscles. They are:

Anterior Deltoid


So as you can see shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, neck pain, headache can be more than just a pain. It can be an alarm from the body that your Gallbladder needs to be sorted out.

So what is good for the Gallbladder?

Herbay Cleansing Caps

Prime Health Tudca

Essential Health Lymphatic and Liver

Herbay Liver Support

Herbay Detox

DNA Ultimate

And more....

So pop in and see us or give us a call to find out which would be best for you, and help your Gallbladder feel better asap. As small as that little guy is it is extremely important!

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