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We hear all the time that we should create our own happiness. How do you say that to someone who is stuck in a deep depression and just cannot see any light? I’m sure if you speak to a loved one who is depressed and tell them to ‘just snap out of it,’ their first instinct will probably be to punch you in the face.

But, consider this: imagine you are living in a home with 5 people, one toilet and the household rule is to flush only once a week. Sounds disgusting right?? Now, imagine this toilet is your digestive tract. How often is this toilet getting flushed?

The digestive tract is the engine and energy factory of the body. If it is packed with putrid waste, there is no way the body is going to create the happy hormones you need to find that happiness that all these hippies talk about! Remember those 2 hormones Serotonin and Dopamine? They don’t just magically appear, your body has to manufacture them. It is when the gut is squeaky clean, and all moving parts are working in harmony that we are able to create our happiness. Speak to anyone who is constipated – they feel bloated, uncomfortable and miserable. How can you be happy if your physical being is an overloaded, non-functioning sewerage dump?

Let’s face the true reality of this modern life: preservatives, fast foods, bad oils, fast paced lifestyles where people actually forget to go to the loo. Sounds weird right… but there are people who are ‘so busy’ with life that they ignore the calls of nature. Over time, the body has no choice but to reabsorb that waste! And imagine the poor brain living in this.

Cleaning the body out is actually quite simple. The very first question you need to ask yourself is, “Am I ready to get better?” If this answer is yes, give us a call at our Essential Heath Wellness Center and let us help you. If you can’t physically come and see, then ask about our DNA Hair Analysis and let us help you remotely.

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