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sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? this may be for you!!!



- Suffer with anxiety

- Struggle with depression

- Battle to relax

- Overthink things

- Struggle with sleep

- Feel like life is spinning out of control and you can’t slow down

- Have emotional issues that you are struggling with

- Have issues of grief that you are battling with

- Have an illness which may have an emotional link or be a root cause but you aren’t sure what

- Have an illness which you are trying to find peace about

- Want to gain clarity on things in your life

- Want to let go of past pain, hurt, suffering

- Want to feel a sense of deep peace and relaxation

- Want to live your best life possible, being set free of anything negative holding you back.

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, you must book for an ACCESS BARS session. It is an amazing new service available at Essential Health Wellness Centre.


Access Bars is a gentle hands-on life changing alternative therapy. The Practitioner, Sharon, lightly touches various areas on your head, known as access bars and in so doing it allows your body to reset itself at both a conscious and sub conscious level. If you understand energy, it’s a way of discharging and rebalancing yourself energetically without having to do anything … all you do is lie down and relax for an hour.

It allows you to change without having to figure out where the problem has come from.

The Bars are 32 points on the head that store the electromagnetic component of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs and considerations that are stored in the brain. When activated, the Bars can help facilitate reduction of stress, pain and trauma throughout the whole body and increase positive attitudes towards life.


It’s been reported to help with :

- Stress and/or anxiety reduction

- Deep relaxation

- Better sleep

- Dissipating mind chatter

- Releasing trauma

- Reducing overwhelm

- Decreasing negative and limiting thought patterns

- Changing negative behavioral patterns

- Improving overall wellbeing and increasing feelings of calmness and inner peace

- Increasing happiness and gratitude

- Mental clarity


You lie down, fully clothed and relax for an hour. With your eyes closed and the Access Bars running, the body receives what re-balancing it needs. What is most often reported is that there is a sense of deep relaxation. Many people go to sleep . Some people have images come to them, others see colours, or feel sensations in their bodies such as buzzing, tingling, warmth, twitches or shivers.

Everyone is different so there is no “normal” Access Bars session. Each session will be different, every time, even if you repeat the sessions. The best way to find out what Access Bars will be like for you is to try it for yourself !

Are you willing to give yourself an hour to change your life ? Book an Access Bars session with Sharon. Worst case you will feel extremely relaxed, calm and at peace … best case – it’s life transforming !

Our launch special is running for R450 for a 60 minute session.

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